About me
I was born in 1975 in Halle/Saale (GDR). Due to a schoolfriend I started with graffiti in 1991. I was not influenced by films like „Beat Street“, like so many others. First I only drew with pens, markers and pencils in books or on tables at school. In 1994, I did my first graffiti with color cans. Later I did some creative work at permanent exhibitions and workshops for local authorities and associations.During some visits to different cities I met many interesting people and left some colour accents. The first time I met "Cantwo" was in 1997, followed by some other German graffiti heros like "Atom", "Kent", „Bed Wow 123“, etc. "Cantwo" and I became friends and he has been one of my mentor since that. In 2000, I became a member of the worldwide graffiti crew "Stick Up Kids", which I unfortunately had to leave for private reasons in 2007. After almost one and a half year of time out I've started again to paint graffitis since June 2009. Since that I have fundamentally changed my style.